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Websol Energy System Ltd. (formerly Websol Energy Systems Ltd.) is a leading manufacturer of solar photovoltaic cells and modules in India. Every solar cell that we manufacture and use in our modules is tested and electrically matched to maximize electrical output.

The availability of high quality and affordable silicon is directly linked to the growth of the photovoltaic industry. We are proud to say that we are procuring the best quality monocrystalline silicon wafers from the leading manufacturers on a long term contract basis for consistency in supply and the best efficiency. With in-depth research and cutting edge technology we have achieved a high cell efficiency of 16.5%.

Our cells and modules are used in both domestic and commercial photovoltaic applications. Our product range from 5 watt to 220 watt caters to needs ranging from rural electrification to big power plants. Stringent testing of individual photovoltaic modules ensures high performance, reliability and durability for both grid connected and stand alone systems.
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